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Tips and Tricks for MHT CET Preparation

Tips and Tricks for MHT CET Preparation

Best tip is always study regularly and practice!

A good plan approach can help in systematic preparation which leads to success. Welcome to the world of competitive exams. Yes, MHT CET is one of the competitive exams which you will be appearing shortly. There are lot of resources available but with less time utilising resources for best results is the target… let’s start.
Read, understand and follow following tips during your studies till you appear for MHT CET.

1. Study Notes

Organised Study Material:

Keep all the study material at one place and properly organised. Keep only those books and notes handy which you are referring regularly for preparation.

Formula list: 

It’s always good to prepare a formula list. There are many online resources from where you can get different formula sheets. Best is always the one which you compile in your notebook.  It should be handy for last minute revision.

Handy Revision Notes: 

Prepare concise to the point notes for all topics in the chapter. Get all your concepts cleared well in advance.

Prepare a Check List: 

While studying prepare the list of topics/ types of questions where you have difficulty. This list will be helpful while revising the topic content. 

2. Make a study Timetable

Prepare Timetable:

Time is important factor everywhere. Its good to do systematic preparation. Timetable can be prepared for daily revision or for weekly preparation. During this revision phase, its better if you prepare the revision timetable and allocate time as per your subject need for the revision. Plan a break after regular interval.


Try to follow your revision timetable strictly. You can always modify your timetable as per your need.

3.  Guidance

Get ready with Question:

There are likely the situations when you get stuck at some point while attempting the practice question. Its good to find the solution referring study material but sometime this approach consume more time hence get connected with someone who can guide or help you in getting solution or answer.

Take Guidance:

You should know clearly, whom to approach in the need of hour. Get your query resolve and learn the approach. Try to solve same question again and get confident. Be clear with when, what and whom to ask the guidance from.

4. Revision 


Decide the topics which you feel are more difficult. Prepare the timetable for the revision.  


Take all the handy material available as explained in study notes for quick reference.


 Start reading, writing, solving as frequently as possible. Remember to go through past examination questions to gain confidence.

5. Past Question Papers


Ensure that all previous year question papers are available with you. Make sure that you are referring question papers based on syllabus for which you are going to appear in examination.


Solve the past question papers to best of your ability. Refer the study notes or take guidance and solve papers. Try to find out your weak and strong topics. Slowly overcome your weak topics.

6. Practice Mock Tests 


Practice makes the one perfect. Practicing using the Mock Test is always the best approach.

Analyse Performance:

It gives the good idea to analyse and find out where you are lacking. You can take multiple practice mock test and improve your performance.


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7. Time Management


Its time which plays important role. You may know the solution; you may know the answer but if you don’t complete in time then you will not get score. So, while practicing, revising or during the Mock Test, try to learn time required to get correct answer. Learn for from your experience.

Time Plan:

Another important point is, you should spare some time at the end to go through the complete test questions, which will ensure that you have attempted all and nothing is left. 

Remember in the revised pattern there is no negative marking.

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